Summer Must-Haves for kids!!

I can’t believe July is right around the corner.  It’s technically the first day of summer today but feels like we have already been in it for a month now!  I put together a list of my favorites for my kids for the summer time! Keeping it in a simple list form so it’s easy to read through because I know that nap clock is ticking 😉.  Click on any of the images to be directed to Amazon for a closer look! Happy Summer Ya’ll!!

This is my favorite sunblock for my kids.  It is safe and effective.  Great for sensitive skin.  Just remember to reapply as needed. The scent is great too!

This is my favorite spray option.  Some of the summer camps my kids go to they are only allowed to bring spray sunscreens so I like to keep these around.  It is also nice and easy for a quick spray before a bike ride or soccer game etc. (I always use the above lotion on their faces though)

This is another great spray sunscreen that is perfect for using to reapply at the pool or a long beach day.  You can put it on the kids while they are wet and it still works!

Love these bands for keeping the mosquitos away!

Great safe and effective bug repellent spray!

My favorite bathing suits for the girls are ruffle butts!  I’ve included my two favorite ones the girls have.  They hold up great after washes too!

This is a great suit option for the boys.  Comes in several cute prints! Comfortable and durable. Several matching rash guards as well which is always a plus to have on hand!

My kids love their googles 🙂

A puddle jumper has been a life saver for my toddlers. We started using them for our kids before age 2 and they could still wear at age 5 if needed.  They were never bothered by them.  It isn’t approved as a substitute for a life jacket but it is a great swim aid to have them in especially when the adult child ratio is 3:1.

My son is 5 and is a fairly good swimmer, has been in lessons but can’t swim far enough or coordinated enough to be safe without any support if we aren’t right there.  He has outgrown his puddle jumper so I found the below swimmies and they are awesome!  I highly highly recommend.  It is just enough to keep him floating if needed but he is able to still swim and jump in without them sliding around.  They are also a soft comfortable material that doesn’t rub or irritate his skin.  He weighs around 65lbs and these work perfectly!

This is a great 4 pack of towels if you are in need of some new ones!!

This sprinkler is awesome and is multipurpose when the kids aren’t using it to play it can be used to water your lawn!

Comfy, Easy Summer shoes!! My kids love the following shoes during the summer time!  Crocs, natives and water shoes are their favorites!

I love the “I play” hats for babies and young toddlers.  They hold up well, can be size adjusted and also tie so it stays on their heads!  It is also a great lightweight material that is UV protected.

I love these hats for my older ones.  They can get wet and dry easily.  They also come in and light pink and blue.  They are comfortable and look so cute on them!

For you mamas with little ones.  I never personally had this pop n play but I wish I did!  It is portable and a great option to take to the pool or any outdoor event.  There is also a cover you can purchase separately to provide shade if needed.

This portable high chair is great as well to have a seat to feed your little one while you are out and about!

When you have kids your beach bag HAS to be durable and HUGE.  Mine feels like it weighs more than me most days we hed to the pool.  Snacks, sunblock, toys, goggles, towels, more snacks, floaties, water bottles, lunches, etc. The scout bags are unreal in their durability.  I am planning to purchase a new one soon but the one I have is over 4 years old and there is nothing wrong with it!  I don’t know how the handles haven’t fallen off yet!  I am super impressed with this bag.  It also is easy to wipe down and dry if it gets wet.  This bag is a must-have mama pool bag!!

Here is a great pool or beach toy bag! I typically bring my kids toys in a separate bag since they all come home wet.  Using this mesh bag allows toys to easily dry and it is the perfect size to fit tons of them.  It’s also nice to be able to see what you are looking for when there are 30+ toys piled inside.

iPhone Waterproof case because let’s be honest that phone will accidentally end up in the water toy bag or fall in the pool when you are trying to take pictures of your sweet little ones! This one is great and you can take pictures with it on!

A good portable blue tooth speaker that is WATERPROOF and indestructible is so fun to have with the kids. Whether you are at the beach, pool or playing in the sprinkler in the back yard you don’t have to worry about this speaker.  We have had ours for years and the sound quality is great and it has been knocked down hundreds of times and still works like new.

I hope you have the best summer with your beautiful families and you find this list helpful when you are preparing for these summer months!


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