My name is Erin Hayes!  I am a Christ follower + wife + mama of 3 + registered nurse (specializing in 9 years of neonatal ICU nursing).  I love encouraging and helping moms and their babies.  In 2017 I put my career on hold to be a stay-at-home mama when my husband took on the challenge of starting his own business.  I miss my job but feel thankful to have the opportunity to stay home.  Being a mom is life’s greatest blessing but also a HUGE challenge.  Whether you are a working mom, part-time working mom, work from home mom or a stay-at-home mama life is nonstop!  There have been so many ups and downs since I became a mama 6 years ago.  Some days I feel like a rockstar and others I am 3+ days without a shower, hiding in the pantry from my screaming kids, stuffing my face with dark chocolate!  My family is far from perfect and I have learned that there is more joy found in that.  Motherhood is beautiful, hilarious, complicated, messy, embarrassing and heart-wrenching.

Being a mom is hard and I love to encourage and support others going through it with me.  I know how much I need it!  Being able to share what I’m learning, loving and benefitting from makes my day to day “things” have more purpose.  If this blog helps just one mama out then it’s worth it.  We need each other to lean on and learn from.  There is no way I’d be here today if it wasn’t for Jesus and other women in my life filling up my cup when it’s empty.  From one imperfect mama to the next… We are in this together!