Fun Halloween Games

I love games!  I grew up playing outside with my siblings and friends the majority of the time and those are some of my favorite memories.  I was a YMCA counselor for years as well and gained an extra appreciation for games- they always bring out everyone’s fun side and I love anything that keeps my kids active!

Ghost in the Graveyard

  • Identify a home base and a safe are to play with places to hide. This game is best played outside at dark but can be played inside or in daylight with smaller kids.
  • One person becomes the Ghost or “It” The ghost stands at base and counts “one-o-clock, two-o-clock” until “midnight”
  • While the ghost is counting all the other players run and hide
  • The goal is for the players to make it to home base without being tagged.  Anyone tagged also becomes a ghost to help tag the rest


Flashlight Tag

  • Played indoors or out in the dark.  One person is “it” and carries the flashlight. The others run and hide
  • When the person it finds a player he/she shines the light on them and that person then gets the flashlight and becomes the one “it”
  • the game continues until everyone is done playing


Zombie Tag

  • One or two are “it” or “zombies” you can have more if more people
  • Zombies walk around with arms straight out looking and sounding like zombies and tag others with a light touch
  • Players tagged then become zombies as well until everyone is a zombie.  The last person tagged is the winner


Blob Tag

  • Two people are “it” and they link arms together and chase the others
  • As the others get tagged they link arms and join the “blob” and continue tagging until everyone has joined the blob


Deadly Handshake

  • Have everyone lie down with eyes closed and turn the light off
  • Select a murder by tapping them on the shoulder (there needs to be a facilitator for this game to choose the murder so no one knows)
  • turn the lights on and everyone starts shaking hands with one another
  • The person selected as the murder has to gently scratch hands as he/she is shaking them
  • If your hand is the one scratched by the murder you shake 2 more hands and then fall to the ground and die
  • the objective for everyone is to figure out who the murderer is before they shake your hand

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