Mother’s Day Ideas

Hi ya’ll,

I was thinking today how terrible it is that I have this blog about all the mama things but nothing regarding celebrating mothers day!  We tend to always put ourselves on the back burner and this is a prime example of that.  I brainstormed this morning on some last minute gift ideas (most still available for delivery before mothers day) and some simple ideas (not store bought) to make the mama in your life feel extra special!  Since we are cutting it close, let’s get right to it!

Here are some last minute gift ideas sure to impress!  All of these products I love and the last one I am dying to buy myself (hoping maybe the hubs checks this out and it appears!)…






  • Since we aren’t able to get manicures and pedicures here are some great at home options: This pretty neutral polish kit , base & top coats which keep your nail color lasting, plus this vitamin polish to keep nails healthy and growing.
  • This cute backpack has been one of my favorites.  I’ve had it for over a year and it still looks brand-new.  It’s practical and stylish.  Easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors.  The zipper is hidden in the back which is great for traveling to any high tourist spots!  She will love it!

  • Air Pods! These are the BEST things and this is an insane deal on them.   It is also free one-day shipping!  They are great for working out, using with an Apple Watch especially (cue another gift idea).  You can also get access to the audible app which I just recently tried and she can listen to all her favorite books (you can gift audible books to her anytime)! I highly recommend a pair of these!

  • Last but not least is this digital photo frame!! I spent hours researching between all the different types and this one has all the bells and whistles for a fraction of what some of them cost.  Reviews state it is one of the easiest to use!  Any family member can download the app and using the specific code and email address can upload pictures to the frame.  It will automatically display them in the frame.  This particular frame is also touch screen with 4 hours of battery life and you can manually look through all the albums at anytime.  I love the fresh look of this white frame one as well.  Bonus is it is guaranteed 2-day delivery.  I honestly want to get one for myself, our moms, and grandmas.  Especially now with not being able to see  them I know they would love getting to see updated pictures!

Okay there are a few ideas to get us going!  I hope they are helpful!!

Now here are a few ideas of things you can plan to do for her:

  • Let her sleep in and do Breakfast in Bed or a just breakfast made and ready in the kitchen with flowers as an added touch!
  • Have you and the kids get the house cleaned and kept clean all weekend and that laundry done!  This way she can just enjoy the weekend with none of the usual chores she is always having to do!
  • Offer to do a mini photo shoot with her and the kids! Mamas almost never get in the pictures as we are typically the full time photographer.  I’m sure she would love having it turned around to capture life’s precious moments with her in them!
  • Give her a gift of $$ and an hour or two to sit in quiet with her favorite beverage to shop online for herself ONLY!  I know most mamas may start shopping for themselves but start putting kids items in their carts and then talk themselves out of needing anything.  This time it is only for mama things!
  • Plan a picnic lunch or dinner!  This can be kept simple by ordering take out on the way or if staying at home you can do a picnic in the backyard.  Take out + a picnic outside = no dishes to do and a clean kitchen!  Two big added bonuses!

I hope these give you a good jump start to ideas for this weekend and gifts that can be here in time to show the mama in your life how much she is loved!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Erin




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