I’m not sure of the definition of foodwise (pretty sure it’s not even a word) but to me, it means knowing what I’m eating and feeding to my family.

I have always been good about making sure to eat fruits and veggies regularly but I never really thought much about the actual food I was eating. I bought some things organic but didn’t really even know why.  I simply thought it was probably better?

A little over a year ago we learned that our son has a sensory processing disorder.  It isn’t anything serious but his body processes information different than ours.  Food plays a big role with his focus and behavior. When I was told changing my son’s diet could prevent the need for medication in his future and that it can also greatly impact our immune systems, I had to give it a try.  I began a journey last year educating myself on our food industry and my mind was blown.  We made some big changes in our house and our whole family has benefitted. We noticed better focus, less mood swings, improved behavior and stronger immune systems.

Now I’m not going to say “always” and “never” when it comes to food.  I do try to feed my kids healthy options the majority of the time but will I let them eat a happy meal? Yes. Drink the Gatorade after a soccer game? Yes.  Eat the cake at a birthday party? Yes.  Do we frequent Chick-fil-A and order Dominos regularly? Yes and yes.

I don’t love that they are eating those things but I’m realistic.  My kids light up over it and they eat healthy the majority of the time so I don’t sweat it.  But I am thankful those things have become a smaller portion of their diet.

I plan to share what I’ve learned and am learning about the food we are eating and what is important to pay attention to for our babies.  It feels overwhelming at first but I promise it gets easier and if I can do it you can too!


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