Too much Halloween Candy? Share the Sweets!

Hi ya’ll!

I have been brainstorming this week on ideas to manage all the Halloween sugar! I’m not a huge fan of candy for my kids, the sugar and dyes for one affect their behavior and as much as I hate to admit, it’s just not good for them or us. I don’t want my kids to be forbidden from it because it’s a part of life and withholding it will most likely result in them hiding and binge eating it in secret one day.  I allow it as special treats on occasion or at a birthday party, for Halloween, etc.  Of course, they think its the best thing ever!  So how do we manage all the treats in their buckets, or if your child is like I was in middle school- in their pillowcase! I remember dragging mine on the ground by the end of trick or treating because it was so heavy!

On Halloween I let my kids have candy, that’s the fun in it all and I would hate to take that away from them.  I will limit it to a certain amount they can choose from say maybe 5 pieces to enjoy that evening.  I feel like that is reasonable?  How much do ya’ll let your kids eat the night of? After Halloween I keep the buckets out of sight and will bring it out occasionally over the next week. Then they tend to forget about it and I end up adding some of it to our family treat bin and getting rid of the rest. 

This year while they are having fun sorting and counting all the goodies I’m going to have them make a favorites pile and the rest we will be donating to the Ronald McDonald House.  The RMH houses families of children that are sick in the hospital.  It gives them a place to stay, be comfortable, and provides a shuttle service to and from the hospital for families to have easy access to their loved ones.  Not all of us are blessed to live near an amazing hospital institution.  A lot of people have to travel away from home and leave jobs in order for their children to have the proper care.  Ronald McDonald houses are the support for those families.  Here is a link to the RMH website if you want more information or to find the one closest to you.  I spoke with them this morning about receiving candy donations and they were so appreciative.  They pass out candy throughout the year to the families.  There are also donation lists on their websites that give you ideas of other things they need throughout the year.  

I love this idea and I think it speaks to a child’s heart as well.  I was explaining it to my kids this morning and they lit up knowing they could help bring a smile to the families of sick children.  Stay tuned but I can’t imagine they will have a hard time sharing all their goodies after talking to them today.

Join me in donating any extra candy you have after Halloween to the Ronald McDonald home nearest to you!  They receive donations as drop-offs or you can mail it directly to them.   

And listed below are two other wonderful opportunities to donate your candy to support our troops and veterans.  

  • Operation Shoebox– This organization ships your treats directly to troops overseas! Here is the link to their website for more information. 
  • Operation Gratitude– Another organization that sends candy to deployed troops and veterans.  

I hope this helps give you a start on ideas to get some of that sugar out of your house!

Happy Halloween to you and your sweet families!

Love, Erin

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