My Things

I thought to myself recently–what are “my things”?  Leaving out anything that has to do with another human being- what makes me feel confident and ready to take on the world?  Here is what I came up with and in no particular order:

1-Make the bed


3-Shower/Get ready

4-Quiet time

5-Dinner (planned or ready)

6-House Tidy

When 7 pm arrives If these were the only things I got done all day I would feel like a rockstar. It’s funny because I realized all of these have been “my things” long before becoming a mama.  In fact, most of them were important to me starting back in high school.  Unfortunately now they are harder than ever to accomplish.   Making the bed regularly takes an act of Congress these days.  If I’m honest I probably get one of those done each day of the week.

Why is this?

Because I’m a mama and I’m not prioritizing and planning for my things.  My things take the backseat which leaves me feeling drained, unaccomplished and cranky.  The days I fight for my things to happen I am a better wife, mom, and friend. And by fight I mean, it’s not easy, I have to wake up much earlier than I’d like to, have a premade list of to-dos, a plan made prior to the day.  My goal is to start focusing and planning how to check my things off the list early in the day so I’m freer to enjoy what each day brings.

What are your things? All of us are wired differently but we each have unique things that if made a priority would allow for our cup to be full.

Join me in putting a few of those at the top of your to-do list and let’s see how our attitude and mindset begins to shift.

It won’t be easy but we aren’t doing it alone.

With love,